About Us

Dawley MFG LLC was established in 2010 when Owner Paul Swartzel approached Dawley Manufacturing to assist him in the process of helping our service personnel.  The Company had deep roots in the general aviation Industry and Paul identified an opportunity to assist our government with quality products ultimately servicing our troops at home and abroad.

In 1985 Larry Dawley opened Dawley Aviation to repair aircraft exhaust systems for the general aviation industry. THe Company is viewed as the pioneer of FAA Certified exhaust repairs with over 1/2 million repairs successfully completed since inception. The companies products are world class with a multitude of accomplishments and records associated with their products. They are also the exclusive provider of exhaust systems to the EAA Museum in Oshkosh Wisconsin.

In 1993 to complement the exhaust repair operations Dawley Manufacturing was Incorporated to focus on ancillary products relating to general aviation components. Today, AS9100 and ISO 9001 certified, the Manufacturing Division provides products to a diverse host of industries to include aerospace, nuclear, military, aviation, medical, automotive, consumer and industrial. Services include component fabrication, tube bending, certified welded assemblies, aircraft exhaust, precision stampings, machining, laser cutting and subcontracted services to meet the customers needs.

In 2010 Paul Swartzel and Dawley Manufacturing Partnered forming Dawley MFG LLC. Pauls vision is to develop the company to assist veterans with employment opportunities and to supply high quality, reliable products to our service personnel at home and abroad to assist in the militarys global innititives. Paul is passionate about innovative manufactuirng solutions and places emphasis on the ability to continuously improve the quality of the products and services to all clients.

Vision & Corporate Goals